Wind Damage

Storms can strike quickly in the South. Often before we even realize it, heavy winds are upon us, damaging roofs, trees, windows, and entire homes. Unfortunately, this can be a threat for entire seasons at a time.

Whatever the extent of your wind damage, however, Disaster Services can help undo whatever wrongs Mother Nature has done. From house and roof estimates and evaluations, to complete window and single overhauls – we can help get your home back to ideal living conditions.

Employing Haag and OSHA certified technicians, Disaster Services is always prepared to handle your emergency needs, roofing assessments, and repairs. We offer a wide variety of services to both homeowners and agents including:

  • 24/7 Emergency response including tarping and board up windows or additional open spaces within the home
  • Roof assessments
  • Roof replacement and repairs (Asphalt Shingles, Metal, Commercial)

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